WordPress Website Design

There is a common theme when it comes to website design. Typically people are discouraged when they end up talking with web designers about getting their business or project up on the web, especially when price is brought up. Sticker shock can be in full-effect. It is not uncommon for a custom-designed website to run you somewhere around $10,000 to $15,000, with some even pushing $50,000 and higher. That is just not feasible for a small or most medium-sized businesses.

Our solution to this problem? We only work in WordPress-based template websites. These templates have been built by talented web designers and allow for endless design options. More importantly, this lets us to skip all of the back-end coding that drives up traditional web design costs. We pass that savings on to you so your website project can easily fit into any budget you are working with. We handle all of the physical design and setup of the website and can customize it to your needs.

Social Media Management

We are also in the business of helping businesses and organizations setup, design, and manage their social media networks. It’s hard to get noticed nowadays without a consistent voice directed towards your target market. The problem with breaking through the noise isn’t necessarily the skill or know-how, it’s the time. You need to be tweeting, posting to Facebook, and sharing relevant content on a very consistent and frequent basis. This can put a lot of strain on an already busy business owner.

Let us take that weight off your shoulders and handle it all. We will update your current accounts, or create ones for you if you aren’t already signed up and start to build that online audience. We handle everything from the design and setup to the content creation and the posting. We are ready to be your one-stop digital marketing shop.

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